1.      Begin with a Compelling Introduction

  • Get investors excited
  • Include your strongest points to demonstrate credibility
  • Make sure they understand what you do

2.      Address Key Issues in a Clear and Convincing Way

  • The BIG problem your product will solve
  • What is unique about your product or service
  • Why your team is the most qualified to do this
  • How you will sell (or get to market)
  • Why you are better than the competition
  • How you will make the investors a bunch of money

3.      Checklist of Critical Areas to Address

  • The problem
  • Product or service
  • Marketing and sales
  • Competition
  • Milestones
  • Management team
  • Financials/projections

4.      Order – It Depends

  • Move strongest areas to front
  • Don’t leave your strengths until the end

5.      Sales, Sales, Sales

  • Tell investors how you will sell (or commercialize your technology)
  • Industry contacts
  • Channels
  • Strategic partners
  • Sales contracts
  • Letters of interest from potential customers
  • Beta customers
  • Pipeline/negotiations in progress

6.      Know Your Competition

  • Weaknesses
  • Why you are better
  • There is always competition
  • Indirect, potential, substitute or alternatives

7.      Management Team

  • Demonstrate technical and business know-how
  • Show how past credentials support current business
  • Advisory Board – Use for credibility

8.      Milestones Demonstrate Your Accomplishments

  • Accomplishments to date
  • Future milestones

9.      Financials/Projections

  • Use defensible assumptions and keep it simple
  • Example: Revenue projections must be based on realistic sales assumptions

10.  Mistakes to Avoid

  • Too much time on technology
  • Not enough time on benefits and problem to be solved
  • Confusing graphs and charts
  • Too much information on the slide
  • Do not read the slides

Remember – The investors are NOT buying your product, but rather investing in a financial opportunity. They need to know how they will make money. Good luck!