Chaplick_TrevorAn important part of any angel or venture financing is the pro forma capitalization table (referred to as the “Cap Table”). On Wednesday, Sept. 14 from 12:00 pm -1:00pm EDT, Greenberg Traurig shareholder Trevor Chaplick will present “The Basics of Cap Tables,” a webinar hosted by the Angel Capital Association.  A Cap Table is typically prepared as an excel spreadsheet, and while it can be daunting for new angels and entrepreneurs to understand, the Cap Table plays a critical role in such financings. This highly informative webinar provides an overview of a standard Cap Table, its purpose, and how it is used.  Learn what a Cap Table generally looks like at various stages of company growth, the investor conventions used in creating Cap Tables, what happens when new money comes into the company and the impact of dilution on various classes of stock. This webinar will provide a primer for new angels and a refresher for those more experienced. Registration for The Basics of Cap Tables webinar is open.

Greenberg Traurig is an annual partner of the Angel Capital Association. This webinar is part of ACA’s Rising Tide Education Program which was created to increase diversity of the angel community by educating under-represented groups.