Photo of Maria Sendra

Maria Sendra has built a disruptive technology and finance practice that helps companies to scale innovation globally by leveraging capital markets, private equity, and technology relationships in key jurisdictions around the world. She has managed international teams of over 500 experts, in helping to globally scale start-ups, as well as Fortune 500 companies, venture capital, private equity and investment banking efforts in disrupting a wide variety of industries, including data analytics, finance, IoT, energy, cleantech, biotechnology and genomics, digital healthcare, entertainment, consumer goods, real estate, digital and smart cities, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, retail and e-commerce sales and scaled revenue strategies. She has structured and managed domestic and international manufacturing, R&D, distribution, financing, licensing and strategic alliances and businesses linking California innovation to financial markets in New York, London, all over Europe, Latin America, Asia and the Middle East.


The rise of blockchain technology ventures raising money preternaturally through initial coin offerings and token generation events (collectively, ICOs) is a capital formation disruptor, one which has and will continue
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