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Academic Incubators Think Beyond Campus Borders to Spark Innovation

With the legendary success of technology giants born on campus, and the possibility that today’s college student could be tomorrow’s tech mogul, the academic world recognizes that it can be a catalyst in helping student entrepreneurs achieve commercial success. The past decade has seen a rapid rise in academic incubators designed to help student entrepreneurs … Continue Reading

Incubator or Accelerator Program: Which Is Right for Your Business?

The past few years have seen an uptick in new accelerator and incubator programs that are focused on helping startups launch and grow. Participating in one of these programs can be advantageous for an emerging business looking for expert insight, seed money, venture capital, or market exposure. But not all are created equal. While most … Continue Reading

10 Tips for Entrepreneurs Seeking Capital

Get comfortable with your potential investor. The identity of the investor is the most important item of a term sheet, and can make or break a relationship. Be prepared to share control and information, and to listen. People who think they know it all – don’t. Realize that valuation is only a component of an … Continue Reading

Game Developers: What’s Your SWOT?

Multiple criteria have been used over the years by companies and investors to identify the commercial viability of a technology within a given industry. Included among these criteria are timeliness, market demand, and competitive advantage. These and other criteria may be applicable to more established industries; however, it may be more difficult to apply them … Continue Reading